Submit a Key Request


  1. Key requests are subject to approval by an authorized University representative. Please email Facilites Maintenance Services for Department Key Authorizer changes.
  2. Multiple keys, of the same number, will not be issued to anybody.
  3. Upon receipt of key, the keyholder acknowledges responsibility for the security of the key and the room the key unlocks.
  4. Upon employee termination or transfer, ALL keys MUST be returned personally to the Service Center located at 250 B Twilight St, Reno, NV 89512. Reassignment of keys is prohibited per University key control policy. Call 784-8020 if any questions.
  5. Keys are paid for when picked up, unless paid by IPO:
    • $10 for a single room key
      $50 for building sub-master key
      $250 for building master key

Keyholder Information

Phone #:
E-mail Address:
UNR Status:

Request Details

If Dept not listed, please call 784-8020
Approving Department:
Request Type:
Please list all Room/Key Numbers and any additional details:
(Original IPO send to Lockshop, Mail Stop 0248)

For emergencies call 784-8020